May 2017 News

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I just wrote a news article a few weeks ago, but so much more has happened, I feel the need to write another one!

Buy round pen

If you haven’t heard, I have a 25ft round pen on a 10% discount. This was one of the first pens I made, and since its creation, I have changed a few small things. This round pen would be ideal for turn out, young horse or miniature handling, or cattle. Alternatively it would be a great way to get a much larger pen at a discount, as these will still lock together with my more recent pens. If interested, be sure to contact me!

In other news, the light weight version is finished! I haven’t seen it yet, but keep an eye on facebook for early pictures. These should be up in the next few days. I will have prices by the end of the week, and then be ready to start selling them.

They are exactly the same as my current round pens, but much lighter making them more suitable for moving around.

And moving them around is on the agenda! Leitrim is pretty far for most people, so I am taking my pens on tour! So far I have 3 clinics that I will be supplying light weight round pens to, so if you are interested this will give you a great opportunity to view them in use.

Also, these round pens will be for sale! This may seem obvious, but you can save yourself quite a bit in delivery charges by purchasing the round pen from the clinic.

Buy round pen

I am adding dates quickly, but so far I will be supplying a 40ft light weight round pen for the Warwick Schiller clinic in Kerry August 5-6. This is a great opportunity for anyone below Dublin to see one of my round pens in action! This pen will be for sale, and you would save €600 in delivery charges if you pick it up from the clinic venue. And you get a round pen used by Warwick Schiller. Pretty cool.

I am also hosting an Elsa Sinclair workshop at the end of August, however the location has yet to be decided. This 40ft light weight round pen will also be for sale.

Buy round pen

Lastly I have 2x40ft light weight round pens I am supplying to Emma Massingale in Connemara Sept 29-Oct 5. Emma will take one back to the UK with her, and the other will be up for sale. The Emma clinic will not be open to spectators, however I can arrange a viewing of the pen before or after she needs it.

Buying from Connemara or Kerry can make a huge difference for your delivery costs. A delivery to Kerry or Cork is somewhere around €600, so buying a round pen that is already there is a great savings.

I am still working on prices for a kick board kit, but that should be ready in the next few weeks.

I am pleased to have designed a product fit for professionals. Being a professional trainer myself, my standards were extremely high, and it will be nice to get some out there this summer for some world class trainers to use. Not to mention the photo opportunities!!

Stay tuned for more, and btw, what are you waiting for!? Order today!

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