Mesh Round Pen vs. Our Round Pen

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I have had a lot of questions recently regarding mesh pens vs my open pipe pens, so I thought you all may like my answer on this.

I have worked with pens like mine in America for 25 years. They are very common, and have been used in both American and Australia for decades. The mesh steel is a fairly recent invention, popularised by Monty Roberts.

There are many reasons I decided to design a round pen to market here in Ireland. I work with extreme problem horses, and needed a round pen to give me a smallish, sturdy, non-breakable contained area that would detour a horse from trying to break or jump out. I also needed an area without corners to prevent the horses from getting “stuck” and trying to either kick me or try to jump out. This is the beauty of the round pen, it encourages forward movement, so the horse always has the option to move away as opposed to getting stuck in a corner and feeling trapped.

50ft lightweight pen

Now obviously a round pen is a round pen, and theoretically a mesh pen could do this job, but I dislike them for several reasons.

The first and most obvious reason is price. The current mesh round pen (lunging pen) sold here in Ireland is 5 times more expensive then the one I have designed. It requires ground works and once erected is permanent. I like the flexibility of easily making my pens bigger and smaller depending on the job.

Price aside, I find myself feeling quite trapped in a mesh round pen. I work with dangerous horses, and if I decide I need to leave the round pen in a hurry, the last thing I want to be doing is hunting for the gate. This is why every cowboy in America has a round pen, the ability to escape in a hurry.

I also love the ability to easily move tack, brushes and equipment in and out through the bars. Again, not stuck looking for the gate.

But really my favourite feature is the ability to easily move it around. I can take it from job to job, show to show, field to field, making it any size to suit any need.

I have heard concerns regarding the design of the bar panels, and I understand, as this is a new concept to the Irish market, but I must remind everyone that this design has been in use in thousands of facilities across America and Australia for decades. It has remain largely unchanged, can be purchased from any tack shop or agri store and is considered a standard piece of equipment for any equestrian facility from jumping yards to veterinary clinics.

Now available in Ireland, and I am happy to be the one who introduced them.

Be sure to get in touch if you require anymore Information!

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