Case Study – Stud Farms

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There is a common misperception that round pens are specifically designed for “alternative” training methods, but this is far from the truth! In this article I am going to case study 2 breeding facilities. Our first facility is a stud … Continued

Case Studies – Livery Yards

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In this article I will case study 2 busy livery yards and explore the requirements and uses of the round pens that would be most suited to each. We will call our yards livery yard A and livery yard B. … Continued

Spooktacular Halloween Sale!

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Here at Round Pens Ireland, we are having a Spooktacular Sale!!! 10% off all round pens until Halloween! No tricks, only treats. See our price list page for prices here. Or contact us today!

May 2017 News

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I just wrote a news article a few weeks ago, but so much more has happened, I feel the need to write another one! If you haven’t heard, I have a 25ft round pen on a 10% discount. This was … Continued

April 2017 News

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There has been so much happening so far this year, I thought it was time to write a news article. Sponsorships, new lighter weight pens, discounts for charities, demonstration pen and more. First off, welcome to my new website! There … Continued

How to Round Pen a Horse

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In this article I will cover the basics of round penning a horse. Some trainers (Monty Roberts for example) have made a career of round penning horses, and while it is a skill to be learned, its not rocket science. … Continued

Working at Liberty

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In this article we will discuss how to begin working at “liberty” with your horse, and what the term “liberty” means. There are many ways to train and work with horses. Most traditional methods keep a horse on a lead … Continued

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